As a PhD student at Berkeley Haas, I have served as a Graduate Student Instructor for the following courses: 

2022-2023 UGBA126, Auditing (rating pending)
2022-2023 MBA202, Financial Accounting (rating 6.8/7.0)
2021-2022 EWMBA202, Financial Accounting (rating 7.0/7.0)
2021-2022 UGBA102B, Managerial Accounting (rating 6.9/7.0)
2020-2021 UGBA101A, Microeconomic Analysis (rating 7.0/7.0)
2020-2021 UGBA101A, Microeconomic Analysis (rating 7.0/7.0)
2019-2020 UGBA102B, Managerial Accounting (rating 6.8/7.0)
Summer 2020 UGBA102A, Financial Accounting (no evaluation)
Summer 2019 UGBA102A, Financial Accounting (no evaluation)
Summer 2019 UGBA102A,Auditing (no evaluation)

My dedication to teaching was recognized in 2023, when I was awarded the U.C. Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, and in 2022, when I was awarded the Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching, the heighest teaching award bestowed upon instructors by Berkeley Haas students. 

Selected Student Feedback: 

“Kimmie is absolutely amazing. She is very caring to her students very emotionally attached to her work and very intuitive. I have no doubt she will make a great accounting professor one day.”

“She's really kind helpful and understanding. She drives a lot of discussions when people don't respond or participate while keeping a very positive attitude all the time.”

“Kimmie was very nice and understanding of student struggles. She was willing to help out with deadlines and she made sure that we were well prepared for the exams and stuff during section. I would recommend Kimmie to other students. She is very skilled at accounting and skilled at teaching accounting.”

“Kimmie is really good at deconstructing the concept one by one in order to guide students along the way. She was also very helpful and understanding towards students.”

“Kimmie was an amazing GSI for this class! She truly works hard to make sure that her students understand the material in section. Her explanations were very clear and I recall many times where concepts that were confusing to me were cleared up just by hearing her explanation. She always encourages questions and always knows the right answers. If things were unclear she would make an announcement on BCourses later to correct the explanations. Personally I wish all GSIs were like Kimmie putting a lot of effort into making the learning experience easy for everyone.”